Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Prayers for Sheila

Tinas first Mother-in-law Sheila Conner needs some prayers (i think everyone know Tina was married before and David passed away.) She ended up in the ER/hospital the other day and it was really bad but she was release home. I have no details about what that was about but then yesterday she ended up in the hospital again. this is what i got from Sheilas Niece
sheila just got out of surgery and it went very well. they hardly had to give her any anesthesia because she was so drugged up from all the meds they gave her. She has a compound fracture in her leg from falling this morning. They put pins and screws in her leg and she will be in ICU for a few days. It was a very high-risk surgery because her lung condition is so bad and combined with her diabetes, putting her under anesthesia is very risky. We're just praying now she doesn't get any infection or she could face possible amputation, but for now, it's good news. hope you are hanging in there. i know this is a really hard time for you and i think about you and tina all the time and hope you are okay.
Sheila is a wonderful lady. i've known her for 16 yrs. she sent me flowers when mom died and called me. shes a wonderful grandma to Tina's boys.
just keep her in your prayers too. I'll update on her when i know more.
thank you.

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