Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Out to dinner

We took Ashley Lily and Jason out to dinner for watching the two boys for us. Yummy Mexican food. Abbie for a change was wanting to play with Lily and Lily was not having any of that, lol. She scooted over in her high chair away from Abbie. The girls ate crackers shared goldfishies and were really good.
Jason was running late and would meet us there. no problem. So Ashley orders for him. Enchilada plate and fruit punch. When dinner comes they bring him a child's plate. one little enchilada and little bit of beans and rice, lol. that poor guy. we take him out to dinner and feed him a kids plate. and yes, his punch was in a styrofoam cup with a lid. they did bring him a second enchilada but it was way later when he got it.
on the way out Ashley grabs Abbie from Thomas (and i avoid eye contact with abbie) and by the time we get to the car abbie wants to stay with Ashley. says no when we put are arms out to her. this went on for 5 minutes and i finally had to get her and she cried,lol. She has NEVER let someone other than me, ben or thomas hold her. shes becoming a big girl.
now that i think about Matthew, kailten and cody were very quiet during dinner. that was weird. Busy eating.


Ashley Hester said...

LOL I had fun! Thanks for a wonderful dinner! The kids were great! But they're always good! :P

Abbie loves me! ;)

auntie Tina said...

Thats really funny about Jason. Now did the people think that a kid was going to just show up..Helloooo

Ashley Hester said...

lol thats what i said tina! i guess the fruit punch throwed them off!