Thursday, April 24, 2008

Alex update!!!!!!

And he's doing so good.

From A's Dad,
So Alex has been home for a couple days. He has been feeling mostly been ok. His bandage changes have been quite the experience. We have an antibiotic schedule that is around the clock. We have alarms set for 6am 12pm 6pm 12am. He is not the nicest boy at 12am and 6am lets just say.Today we went to Alex’s school for lunch and recess. When we walked into the cafeteria the kids started clapping. He turned red. He had about 10 boys around him all talking at once. I have not been in school for lets say…..A long time. It was funny to see the six grade at work. Alex stood with a group of boys …while groups of girls walked by closer and closer. The girls were very concerned. None of them really got to talk to him. He had a wall of boys around him. He was so happy when we left. I could really tell he wanted to stay. We are hoping by the end of next week he will be back in school. He will be able to go but not participate in p.e or recess. His wound is still horrendous. Our fear as parents is that someone will inadvertently hit him in the stomach.I have to say It’s so nice to be home. Home is where the heart truly is. I see so much progress from Alex now that we are here. He feels better every day. Tina and I could not ask for more than that!. Thanks everyone for worrying so much about us.We are blessed with amazing friends and family!


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