Sunday, April 13, 2008

Alex update.. incision cleaning and beyond

My BIL's post---

So first of all I have to say the glass is half full. Alex's morning started a little rocky. His wound site had become massively infected.They decided that it would be best to remove his staples and clean the wound. Lets just say Alex was not excited about this. They gave him morphine which once again didn't seem to work that great. It was an intense 10 mins while they remove his staples and cleaned things out. What i saw I was not expecting. What looked irritated and red on the outside.........Was green on the inside. I was absolutely shocked. The whole time Alex was in lots of pain. Once again he amazed me as he sucked it up even though it was hard. They are not going to stitch him up. They are going to allow the wound to heal from the inside out.After the cleaning he was exhausted and fell right asleep. When he woke his mood seemed so much better. Anna Scott Nicole and Izzy came by for a visit. They stopped at sporting good store and picked up a supporter for A lex. He showed off some serious guitar hero skills and watched the Lakers win(which i don't think sits well with a couple nurses)......When everyone left Alex and I looked at his side. I didn't seem as red and he claimed didn't hurt as bad. So we decided to try and get up and walk. Getting up for him is an event that takes time. I noticed that he moved a little faster then the past. We put on his supporter which helped with support. He was very stiff at first. He hasn't been up for 2 days. Once we got going it went good.His spirits have lifted cause he feels a little better. As i am writing this the lights are turning on and off(he has a control attached to his bed). Its the little things that make u smile! Thank u everyone who has sent flowers and balloons. He lights up when he reads the cards. Have to go I have a request to find some pretzels.......

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