Wednesday, April 16, 2008

How AWESOME!!!!!!!!

LOL, Its a good night!!!!!!!!!!

I talked to Alex to night on IM. Here's some of it. his Dad typed or him.
Alex-hi aunt lisa this is alex
Me-hi babyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Me-How are you feeling tonite?
Alex-thanks for thinking about me and stuff
Alex-walked and stood and played gutar hero
Me-Your welcome. i just want you to be better
Me- thats so wonderful
Alex-i wanna feel better with out medication
Me-you know you are the toughest kid i have ever known
Me-it makes me happy to see you smile in a picture
Alex-um huh going threw all that pain do u know how bad that hurts
Me-No, baby, i cant even begin to imgine how painful that is
Alex-just hurts bad
then he had to go potty and go for a wheelchair ride.
Some stuff Brian typed to me:
well right now he feels so good
i just watched him pic something off floor
trying to slow him down...dont want him to over do he had a good dose of meds
not sure if he is feeling better or if meds finally are working


auntie Tina said...

I like that picture. He was getting meds when i left. and look he became a rock star!

Ashley Hester said...

LOL what a little cutie! Ha ha!!