Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lets bowl, lets bowl, lets Rock-n-Roll

The kids had fun. It was a lonnnngggggggg two hours. It is actually a little to long for Matthew.

Matthew loves the bowling shoes. He thinks they are AWESOME!! and he wants a pair.

Thomas ended up taking Abigail to the car cause he was so bored.

Ladybug tutu!

This is so cute. Ashley made Abigail's costume. It's a hot pink ladybug tutu that has a halter tie. She is going to make her an antenna headband too :)

It took the kids bowling (pics coming soon) after school and then we headed over to Ash's and had dinner. The kids had a blast together.

I'm to tired to think of a title

Yes, Kaitlen is still sucking her thumb. She was doing sooo good and then i got lax about it and it ended up in her mouth more and more. SOOO! Over the yrs I had looked on line and the first product i had ran across was this. At 70$ per thumb, it was a no go and it looks really uncomfortable any way. Then a couple months back i saw this one. I thought that is really cool and MUCH cheaper, but really for what it's made of i didnt want to pay 13$ a piece, LOL. (i saw tonight a company makes them at 150$ a peice, but hey, you get the second one for 1/2 off. Thats only if you need a second one because they say on their site that kids only suck one thumb. yeah, well, kaitlen must be an ambi-sucker)So the other night i got some of my scrap fleece and made Kaitlen a pair of little thumb mittens :) I didn't have any velcro so i sewed a tie on it and since its fleece nothing will unravel. Now, Kaitlen can take these off by herself and put them back on because fleece stretches. The thing is she wants to stop thumb sucking but needs that reminder. Now a yr ago this wouldn't work for her. She hasn't sucked her thumb her whole life. She started at 3 months old and stopped on her own at 10 months. I weaned Kaitlen from breastfeeding at 1 y/r and after Matthew was born Kaitlen started nursing again at 21 months....... So fast forward to weaning both Matthew and Kaitlen when i was pg with Abigail (lol, close your gaping mouth) So Aprilish 06 they were weaned. Kaitlen was 31/2 and she started sucking her thumb again. at first when she was tired, then while she was watching tv too and then all the time.
Kaitlen's labial frenum goes all the way down between her two front teeth (thanks Dad!). So her teeth will never close without intervention. So hopefully a frenectomy will be all she needs and no braces in the future. She needs to stop sucking her thumb because the dentist wants to see if her thumb sucking is making her tooth go crooked or the labial frenum.
A puppy/Matthew tail (haha)

Last night Matthew snuck the puppy out of his bed and fell asleep with him on the couch. When I went to peek at the pups one was missing so I looked all over the Den and thought where the heck did it go?!?!? Then it dawned on me that Matthew got him. An here they are snoozing away.

Monday, September 29, 2008

My Sis is an Auntie again (NO IM NO PG)

Welcome to the world Anna Riley. She was born Sept 27th, 8# 4oz and 21 inches long. Her proud parents are Matt and Emily, Tina's BIL and SIL from my BIL's side. (did ya follow that?)
I am so jealous!! I won't be an Auntie again. No one in mine or Bens family will be having anymore babies.

Eat at Chili's Tonight!!

They will be donating 100% of their proceeds to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. You can also create a pepper. how adorable is that?

♥For Coleman♥

♥ For Kennedy♥
♥For Julian♥

Sunday, September 28, 2008


"I just read possibly the most saddest part of the story. Old Dan dies from the cougar fight he had. He closed his gray eyes forever. At least he still has Little Ann."

He didn't cry but he was bummed. He said he would have never named one of the pups Dan if he had known that Old Dan was going to die in the story. He wondered if that is why our Dan died.

He just came to inform me smiling that he has 7 pages left to finish the story. Poor kid, little Ann is going to die and The Red Fern Grows......

He finished. His voice cracked for a second when he told me about Little Ann.

Then we talked about how today there was an article online about trying to change the laws with hunting with Hound Dogs.

I think I'll suggest James and The Giant Peach next. That's a good book too.

New Header and Button

Ok, this is the header i will be keeping for a while :) that's hard for me to do, lol. Don't worry, if you don't add my button, it won't hurt my feelings :)
I sure had fun making it though.
Let me know if my button code doesn't work. I tested it and it should.

DIY Invitations

I have to share this site. It is very cool. Delilah commented on my invites for Kaitlens bday and it brought me to this site.
Check it out! :)

Do It Yourself Invitations Make your own invitations! Ideas, tips and instructions on how to make handmade invitations with unique style.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I Hate Whine!!

Go see Jenn over at
I Hate Whine!
She is funny, has cute kids, oh she is also having a contest for some yummy coupons :)

Go for the coupons, stay for the Whine!!

Paul Newman Died

Kaitlens Bday invite

I decided to go ahead and make her birthday invitation.
ETA- I did an envelope too. I just fold them into 1/3. The top of the paper will be the top back of the envelope. The skull square will be the bottom right of the envelope.

some random pics

Do your kids do this with their carseat straps?? Abbie and Matthew do. It bugs me to no end. This was while we were waiting at the kids school.
Abbie has on one of Codys shirts from when he was little.
Cody got to pick were he wanted to eat for his Birthday dinner. That is one out of about 3 plates of food he ate.

Since the kids told Ben that the cat was in the house I can go ahead and post the pics. :P

They put her with the puppies and she was not amused

Swayze bugs the crap outta her

Friday, September 26, 2008

Search button

Added a search button to my blog (look to the right :) under my profile pic) I have been meaning to do it for a while but never got around to it. So, search your little heart out. :)

The Guilty Party

This evening i click on to watch the presidential debates..........

Cody- Mom, who are you going to vote for?
Me- Cody, I have absolutely no idea who I'm voting for.
Kaitlen- Well, I vote Guilty.
Me- you're probably right Kaitlen

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Kaitlen is going to be Cinderella for Halloween and Im making the costume. Tonight I made her headband. i had made her choker last week.

I thought I'd have fun and mess with her hair to see how i'm going to get to look like Cinderella's hair. I'm thinking If I let her hair get dirty and tease it a little I can give it more lift.

If the whole top was this poofy, I'd be happy.

I'm in the middle of making her tutu for the costume and she'll wear a leotard for the body of the costume.

You're Kidding, Right

Today in the mail I get a letter from Jones Soda With some cute words about Lily Mae. They also sent a coupon for some Jones Soda. WOW. I think I will forever drink JS. :)

(click to read)

Especially since they called me Fabulous :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

NO FLIPPIN WAY!!!!!!!!!!

I entered a picture of Lily Mae to Jones Soda for their summer fun pics. I can't remember if i asked Ash if I could do it or if she was so busy and told me to just do it. Here is the pic on Jones Soda.
Today UPS pulled up and I hadn't ordered anything so i wait for the ups guy to leave because i wasn't dressed and I head outside. I see this Jones Soda box and it's delivered to me. I didn't order Jones Soda. I know for sure Ben didn't order Jones Soda. So I bring the box in.
I open the box and there are 12 bottles of BLUE BUBBLEGUM JONES SODA WITH LILY MAE ON THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(click on pic to bring it up big)
I'm going to keep one and give the rest to Ashley for her to hand out to family. So, when you go buy a bottle of Jones Soda go look for Lily!!

Online Backup

With Renee's hard drive crashing and possibly losing all her photos over the last year. (really hoping they can be retrieved) someone posted a site to upload files, I back up so I went over there to look. I am bad at backing up and it would be nice to do a couple clicks and pics are safe. Well, the prices were VERY high. Way too high. So I did a search and came across another site. My Other Drive. It is very reasonable. In fact up to a certain amount is free.

These are prices per month-
5 GB Free 10 GB 9.95
25 GB 1.99 20GB 19.95
100 GB 4.99 100 GB 99.95
400 GB 9.99 300 GB 299.95

I'm in the process of uploading. It's taking a bit, but once I'm caught up it'll be so easy. I thought I'd share what I found in case anyone else needs to backup their files/pics.

Polyphemus Caterpillar

Today we found a very fat caterpillar with some tiny orange spots.

That is my wrist below

So of course we brought him inside to play with for a few.

When I find a caterpillar where it doesn't belong I try to return it to a tree that it eats from, but today i didn't have time to look it all up. So i picked a tree and hoped for the best. It turns out they eat from many, many different trees. Lets just hope I didn't pick the only one from our yard that it doesn't eat. Since we are heading into fall this little guy will make a cocoon that will sit all winter and hatch in May. He will be this super large moth. 5 1/2 inches big.

Monday, September 22, 2008

arrrrrrrr mateys!!

One of Patches' eyes is open. I kinda think Matthew helped it along because this happened after he saw Spots eyes were open. So we wait for the other eye to open.
I'm taking Patches the Pirate to the vet tomorrow. There is something wrong. He wants to eat, but can only eat a small amount and it starts coming out his nose. Spot is up to 5-6 ounces each feeding. Patches is at 3 on a VERY GOOD feeding. He wasn't always this way. He use to eat 4 oz. i think he has a bowel problem. Pray its something simple and fixable. I can't imagine that they would do surgery on such a little fella so something a little medicine can take care of.
I'm actually taking them both in. Spot is fine, but he should get checked too.
ETA: Patches is pooping and eating like a champ now. All is good. :)


Spots eyes are open!! Matthew was holding him and starts yelling," I see the babies eyeball! I see the eyeball!" lol. Now to wait for Patches. The poor pups will now be able to hear and see the kids coming after them.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kaitlen return address label

For her b-day party

High School Years

I was going through some stuff and found my 9th and 10th grade pictures. It made me think of this post
So I thought I'd share them here. It was Sept of '89 and '90
Here is Thomas' 10th grade pic.