Saturday, September 06, 2008

Why I'm nursing 3 pups

Our dog Mocha looked a little bit pg and we thought NO!! how, we took her out of the yard when she was in heat......... well, obviously not soon enough. She had a small tummy so we were thinking either just a couple pups or a false pg. We were hoping for the false pg. I was in the bath with the kids and Ben comes running in yelling she's having a puppy. So i hop out throw clothes on while i was wet and I get out there and she has the pup in her mouth all cleaned off and everything. I think, oh good. All is good. Then i realize she was going to eat it!!! so i grab for it and she runs into the barn. Chomp, Chomp, Gulp... The puppy goes down whole (and dead, died on second chomp). I absolutely could not believe what i just saw. I am still bothered by it. I walk back in the house and tell Ben what just happened. So we were trying to figure out if that was her first puppy?? the last one or what. I tried to feel around and couldn't feel anything so I thought that was it. We picked the kids up from school and got back home and Ben and Thomas went over to her just in time to rescue Dan from her mouth. He was fine. So we leave thomas home to watch Mocha while we go get puppy milk and a bottle and while we were at the co-op she had another one and Thomas held it while she licked it and once it was clean took it into that house. I believe that was Patches. So we get back and Im holding abigail and I take Swayze out to go to the bathroom and while outside I go check on Mocha. She seemed fine, just sitting there. So I head back to the house and Swayze heads straight to Mocha so I go back over to get Swayze and another pup comes out. I'm holding Abbie in one arm, grabbing the puppy with my other hand and holding swayze back with my foot. I let her clean the puppy (spot) and we go in the house. I get them all cleaned and fed and I take one back outside just to see if MAYBE she might be a momma to them. She looked worried and was trying to lick the puppy as i got closer, but as soon as I got close enough she wanted to eat it. So that is how i have 3 puppies. Mocha is a good dog and this behavior is totally unexpected. Bah, still freaks me out.

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Jenn said...

Have we seen a picture of her? A lady I know had a pug and she did that to three litters before they got her fixed OMG after the first one that would be it for me she would be gone to have her puppy maker taken out! I have always gotten all my dogs fixed as soon as they could be if they weren't already when I got them. Sometimes I feel bad though when I have a great dog and think oh I would have loved having one of her babies,but then I think it would be hard for me to give them all away after I looked after them since they were born...I'm a sappy fool !