Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Online Backup

With Renee's hard drive crashing and possibly losing all her photos over the last year. (really hoping they can be retrieved) someone posted a site to upload files, I back up so I went over there to look. I am bad at backing up and it would be nice to do a couple clicks and pics are safe. Well, the prices were VERY high. Way too high. So I did a search and came across another site. My Other Drive. It is very reasonable. In fact up to a certain amount is free.

These are prices per month-
5 GB Free 10 GB 9.95
25 GB 1.99 20GB 19.95
100 GB 4.99 100 GB 99.95
400 GB 9.99 300 GB 299.95

I'm in the process of uploading. It's taking a bit, but once I'm caught up it'll be so easy. I thought I'd share what I found in case anyone else needs to backup their files/pics.


Jenn said...

I told the hubby about Renee and said you need to show me how to save all my pics on to cd ,just in case ours crashes. I have heard people back up their blog ,but I have no clue how.

♥Lisa♥ said...

I dont know how to back up the blog either. I need to do the CD thing too. I know my computer can do it, Ive just never done it.