Sunday, September 07, 2008

Where the red fern grows.

In Cody's class the teacher is reading Where the red fern grows. Last week on the way home from school when he told me this I got so excited for him. This was my favorite book growing up. We talked all about his trip to go get Dan and Ann. Today he asked me about the red fern. I told him he had to wait until the end of the story. He said that that is what his teacher told him too, LOL. Tonight it dawned on me that he has no idea that Dan and Ann are going to die. He's reading about the love and passion this boy has for his dogs and the dogs love for him. Then they are going to be gone. Then it hit me, I think Cody might cry at school. If he doesn't cry he's certainly going to be shell shocked.
Tonight he talked and talked and talked about redbone coonhounds. For like an hour. I'm not joking. When Cody becomes a Dr he is going to buy us all redbone coonhounds. They are only $300 a piece and on a Dr salary he says he can afford it. I told him thank you... then he went on. We looked at them online, we read their traits and characteristics. I told him that they are hunting dogs and are going to want to hunt and that he need to learn to hunt. He said he will. He said he would probably hunt just rabbits at dusk instead of ringtailed racoons because he can't be out at dark, LOL. Good Idea Cody. THEN it went into big game hunting. He's going to do that too. aye, aye, aye..... I hope Ben likes to hunt because I'm not doing it. The last thing before i kicked him out of the den and into his bed was If i didnt want the redbone coonhound what kind of puppy do i want......... Cody the coonhound will be fine. Thank you. So in about 20 yrs I'll be getting a coonhound. I'll tell you how Cody takes the news of Dan and Ann when they get to that part.


Kim said...

I love to hear about Cody and his adventures! Love that kid of yours! Hope he takes the reading rather easy. I will be looking for an update.

♥Lisa♥ said...

Oh Kim, you should experience him in real life. You'll never forget it!!

MamaBear said...

Maybe you should prepare him ahead of time?? I will never forget seeing that movie at the theater and FALLING APART when those sweet dogs died. It nearly killed me. I'm sad for Cody just thinking about him having to get such sad news at school in front of his friends.

What a sweet boy you have!

♥Lisa♥ said...

maybe i should get the book for him and he can read it at home ahead of the class so its not a shock and I'm not the one breaking the news.
OK, im going to the library this afternoon. I just pictured me trying to sit down and tell him about Dan and Ann and my eyes started stinging. That was my all time favorite book as a kid.
ok, Im sappy.

Jenn said...

I have never read that book and the movie has been on lots of different times and I have never seen it either!