Friday, September 05, 2008

Hand raising puppies

I'll get into the story of why im hand raising these pups in a bit. For now here there are 3 boys. There names are Spot :), Patches and Dan (From Where the Red Fern Grows)

Swayze, who is a young fellow himself was acting like a total nervous daddy around the pups. He'd climb on my lap when i was feeding them. I started to let him smell them and eventually i let him in their container.
He is such a good adoptive daddy. He moves them around, licks them and lays with them.
The funny thing is Swayze is really just a puppy himself.
The pups are about 3/4 pitbull and 1/4 of i'm not sure.
They are chow hounds and poop ALOT!!! yesterday i was feeding them every hour and every 3 hours overnight. now they are at every two hours. The little puppy bottle is to small for them now. They get the whole nipple in their mouth and try to get the ring in their mouth too. So i'll be going to the store and getting those original evenflo bottle for the puppies. I thought my bottle days were over. I have hand raised Kittens but never puppies. We always kept the kittens. This is going to be hard because i'm going to have to get rid of these little guys. the kids are going to be so upset. YIKES!!
Kaitlen helping feed them. Not because i asked her she just did it. The kids are just NUTS over these puppies. Abbie is a maniac with them.


Jenn said...

I wish one was a girl,I'd talk my hubby into getting it ! They are so cute,how did you get them?

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

They are SO cute!!!!