Tuesday, September 09, 2008


We are in birthday season here. So you'll be hearing a lot about birthdays.

July- Matthew
August- a brief break
Sept- Cody and I
Oct- Kaitlen
Nov.- Abigail
Dec- Thomas- then of course Christmas.
Jan- no birthday, but it's our wedding anniversary. We never celebrate it because we are normally wiped out from all the previous gift buying.
KAITLENS PARTY!!!! Her party is pretty straight forward. It's her first party were she is going to invite friends. Only the girls from her Kindergarten class. She had originally wanted a Chuck-E-Cheese party, but it is so loud and you can't really talk to the other parents.
we have already picked out the theme. Pink skull party.
I got her these cute little earrings.
Im going to have Ashley make her two piggy tail korker bows

Then we are having it at bead it and all the little girls get to make a bracelet. Well, so do all of my kids and my BIL's kids. So there will be boys there, just not boys from school. I'll probably have to send the teenagers off to do something. I don't think they want to make bracelets :)

The place has a back room that I can decorate. A table for the girls and a CD player. I'm thinking Hannah Montana/ Miley Cyrus would be a hit. The little ones can't run around like maniacs grabbing beads and such. It's a pretty cool place. When I took Kaitlen there she was SO EXCITED. : ) wiped CEC right out of her head.

Abigail's party- super easy. At home with family. I'm using Kaitlens left over Strawberry Shortcake decorations from last yr. :)

Thomas- I HAVE NO IDEA. He'll be 17. Send him to the movies or something. have some friends over.


Ashley Hester said...

Love that ribbon! :)

Jenn said...

That is really cute !

Jenn said...

Mine are
Dec my hubby and christmas,
Feb is Taylor and Brody,
May is our anniversary
August is Tori and Me
Oct is Tanner

The baby is sleeping ,so I can actually do what I want and since I'm pretty boring listing those was as exciting as I get haha !