Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Polyphemus Caterpillar

Today we found a very fat caterpillar with some tiny orange spots.

That is my wrist below

So of course we brought him inside to play with for a few.

When I find a caterpillar where it doesn't belong I try to return it to a tree that it eats from, but today i didn't have time to look it all up. So i picked a tree and hoped for the best. It turns out they eat from many, many different trees. Lets just hope I didn't pick the only one from our yard that it doesn't eat. Since we are heading into fall this little guy will make a cocoon that will sit all winter and hatch in May. He will be this super large moth. 5 1/2 inches big.

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alisha said...

oh wow! I've never seen a catapillar that huge before! So cute! and he's going to be beautiful later!