Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pupper pics

Spot and Matthew

Here Matthew was pretending they were attacking him, lol. He kept saying,"Their attacking me, their attacking me" and putting them all over him.

Patches climbed up the side

spot likes to hide his head

I got them a new bottle today. It holds 10oz which is good because they eat 4 oz each and i only have to fill up one bottle. They are picky about their nipples. They didn't like the new nipple and thankfully the old nipples fit in the bottle.

I braided Kaitlens hair today and I'll take it out in the morning. The other day i had put two french braids in her hair and she liked how it looked the next day when she took them out. It probably would have been faster to run out and get a hair Krimper. Maybe for her birthday :)

Abigails hair. I gave her bangs a while back, but the rest of the hair that would come forward would hang in her eyes and i was getting tired of it and so was she. I really didnt want her bangs to be the whole top of her head, but it is now!!! LOL. It looks fine. I kinda rounded it out and shaped it and cut an inch off the back. So she can see the world even without a clip in her hair. :)

I'll take a pic of the front tomorrow

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