Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm to tired to think of a title

Yes, Kaitlen is still sucking her thumb. She was doing sooo good and then i got lax about it and it ended up in her mouth more and more. SOOO! Over the yrs I had looked on line and the first product i had ran across was this. At 70$ per thumb, it was a no go and it looks really uncomfortable any way. Then a couple months back i saw this one. I thought that is really cool and MUCH cheaper, but really for what it's made of i didnt want to pay 13$ a piece, LOL. (i saw tonight a company makes them at 150$ a peice, but hey, you get the second one for 1/2 off. Thats only if you need a second one because they say on their site that kids only suck one thumb. yeah, well, kaitlen must be an ambi-sucker)So the other night i got some of my scrap fleece and made Kaitlen a pair of little thumb mittens :) I didn't have any velcro so i sewed a tie on it and since its fleece nothing will unravel. Now, Kaitlen can take these off by herself and put them back on because fleece stretches. The thing is she wants to stop thumb sucking but needs that reminder. Now a yr ago this wouldn't work for her. She hasn't sucked her thumb her whole life. She started at 3 months old and stopped on her own at 10 months. I weaned Kaitlen from breastfeeding at 1 y/r and after Matthew was born Kaitlen started nursing again at 21 months....... So fast forward to weaning both Matthew and Kaitlen when i was pg with Abigail (lol, close your gaping mouth) So Aprilish 06 they were weaned. Kaitlen was 31/2 and she started sucking her thumb again. at first when she was tired, then while she was watching tv too and then all the time.
Kaitlen's labial frenum goes all the way down between her two front teeth (thanks Dad!). So her teeth will never close without intervention. So hopefully a frenectomy will be all she needs and no braces in the future. She needs to stop sucking her thumb because the dentist wants to see if her thumb sucking is making her tooth go crooked or the labial frenum.
A puppy/Matthew tail (haha)

Last night Matthew snuck the puppy out of his bed and fell asleep with him on the couch. When I went to peek at the pups one was missing so I looked all over the Den and thought where the heck did it go?!?!? Then it dawned on me that Matthew got him. An here they are snoozing away.


Jenn said...

Aww, that is cute! I had a friend when we were little she sucked her thumb alot and the dentist put this hangy metal thing on and she could eat but it was in the way and she couldn't suck her thumb so after a few months of not being able to then they took it off and she never did it again.
Only my son did it and it made his baby teeth go weird ,but he stopped around 3 or so .

Jenn said...

If you are going to keep this one I can add your button.

♥Lisa♥ said...

I saw a pic of that metal thing and im really hoping we can avoid that. the dentist hasn't mentioned it.

Yes, i'm keeping it. :)