Monday, September 01, 2008


Today after leaving Ashley's I went to get some groceries at Walmart and I was just finishing up and there was this adorable little boy. I thought he was close to Matthews age, but he was two, just very tall. He smiled. I smiled. I waved. He waved. So I started talking to his mom and they were all the way up here from La. They left at 4pm yesterday and drove to the first area with vacant rooms and it was here. NWA. She has a daughter on dialysis and couldn't go without power so they had to evacuate. (sounded like they did alot of her medical stuff at home. They brought all her equipment and it filled the back of their truck) So it sounds like they are going to be here for several days. She had called her neighbors and the neighbors house had no roof. Hopefully their house will be fine. During Katrina they had stayed home and a tree had fallen on part of their kitchen but that was the worst. She didn't mention any flooding from Katrina. Back to the little boy. I asked him if i could take him home. He said no, lol.
On Tues and Wed we should be receiving torrential rains from Gustav. We are at the green X.


auntie Tina said...

OMG... i would take anyone that would want live in rain 350 day a year... SO Sad

♥Lisa♥ said...

um, yeah, your rain makes me depressed.