Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day- cute idea

eta- Im so bad about linking. I got this from My special K's. who got hers from Rocks in my dryer. Which is funny because last week i found rocks in my washer. lol.

How long were your labors?

Thomas 18 hours
Cody 14 hours
Kaitlen 12 hours
Matthew (Sheryl help me out here, I don't remember how long it was)
Abigail- I dilated to 10 in 1 1/2 hours but pushing took a bit. i wanted an epi

How did you know you were in labor?
Thomas- I woke up to go pee and went back to bed and felt my water pop
Cody- I left football practice early (Ben was coaching) Went to my MIL's house and i was sitting on the couch and cody kicked me really hard and some fluid came out. I told my MIL that either my water just broke or that I just peed on her couch,LOL. I stood up and it was definitely my water.
Kaitlen- It was about midnight and i couldn't get comfortable and i went out to the couch to try to sleep and after a little bit i realized by back was bothing me then i realized it wasn't a backache it was back labor
Matthew- induced but the meds did NOTHING. As soon as Sheryl and Ben left the room for lunch the Dr came in and broke my water. Nevermind that i had been 4cm for months and he could have broke it the minute i walked in there.
Abigail- I was just about to fall asleep. Matthew wouldn't go to bed and it was passed 11 oclock. he was wound up. Earlier that day was so busy. I was so worn out. I thought great he's going wacko cause im going to go into labor. I may have fallen asleep for a second because it felt like i woke up, but it wasn't much later than when matthew finally calmed down. I woke up with the shakes. Really bad. I was afraid to wake Ben while i was having them because I was afraid he'd freak out (turns out i was in transition, lol) i get under control and go pee. Have my first contraction. by the 3rd i wake up Ben because baby #5, 4 kids to load up and then drive a half hour to the hospital. We get to the hospital and i was 7 and half hour later i was 10. ok, abbies story got long

Where did you deliver?
Thomas- Humana West Anaheim, Ca
Cody- Kaiser Hospital Bellflower Ca (same hospital as Ben)
Kaitlen- kaiser hospital Bellflower Ca
Matthew- Fayetteville Ar
Abigail- Fayetteville Ar

Thomas- Morphin (that stuff is horrible)
Cody- something in the IV. I told them i didnt want any narcotics because i didnt like how they made me feel but i had to wait forever for my epi that they gave me something. Epi only worked on half my body. sucky.
Kaiteln- took forever to get me epi again but he got it on the second try and i was numb!! i was actually 8cm by the time they gave it to me. i was thankful
Matthew- epi with in 20 minutes of them breaking my water :) easiest labor EVER
Abbie- gave me something in my IV worked as well as tylenol would have worked. LOL. They were hell bent on not giving me an Epi and eventually i said im not pushing anymore and stopped, lol. I got my epidural. :) here's abbies birth story.

nope, but they thought i would need to with abbie.... NO just need some proper pain control.

Who delivered?
Thomas- Some nurse
Cody- Some nurse that looked like a blond rosie odonnell
Kaitlen- same nurse as Cody
(on my 1st 3 if you were a healthy pg you were delivered by a nurse not a Dr.)
Matthew- Dr Ellis and nurse Beth. He was a resident i believe he finished this summer?
Abigail- some resident or student. IDK, but she was clueless. Dr Sailor was the Dr on duty.

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