Monday, September 22, 2008

arrrrrrrr mateys!!

One of Patches' eyes is open. I kinda think Matthew helped it along because this happened after he saw Spots eyes were open. So we wait for the other eye to open.
I'm taking Patches the Pirate to the vet tomorrow. There is something wrong. He wants to eat, but can only eat a small amount and it starts coming out his nose. Spot is up to 5-6 ounces each feeding. Patches is at 3 on a VERY GOOD feeding. He wasn't always this way. He use to eat 4 oz. i think he has a bowel problem. Pray its something simple and fixable. I can't imagine that they would do surgery on such a little fella so something a little medicine can take care of.
I'm actually taking them both in. Spot is fine, but he should get checked too.
ETA: Patches is pooping and eating like a champ now. All is good. :)