Monday, February 27, 2006

Before I had a digital camera:o)

Here are some pictures i already had scanned into the computer, there are more i want to scan, but i think i might look into a new scanner before i do it, we'll see.
Mr.California- Cody won the Mr Ca. title back in '02, he first won All American at the Whittwood mall and that paid his entry(which was a fraction of what we ended up spending) for Mr/Miss California and he won the title. He was so cute. Ben said he would start a champion and end a champion, so that was his last pageant.
Cody got runner up in the modeling western wear.

This picture is us at my brother in laws graduation from the LAPD academy. I remember I had to call in sick to work just so I could go
Here is a picture of Ben and I on the night we met, May 2, '97 at the Cowboy Boogie, CrAzY DaYs..... LOL. The one of me is before Tina and I left the house and the one of Ben is him writing his number down :o)

Here we are at a safety thing at Bens work and im about 36 weeks pregnant with Matthew. Look how young Kaitlen and Cody are.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Bought a book :o)

Ok, it's not buying a book thats worth mentioning, but the book I bought. We are going to try for one last baby and thought it would be nice to have a girl and Kaitlen really wants a sister soooo we'll give it a go and see if we can increase our chances of a girl. We'll be thrilled with either a boy or a girl, but it doesnt hurt to try. Ofcourse from what I read online about the book it's harder to get the girl. might explain why we have 3 boys. LOL, But the fun part is trying, eh?

Friday, February 24, 2006


Some images that came in an email that I thought were cute.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Race for a Cure!!!

One of the Sergeant's at Bens work is doing Race for a cure in honor of his Mother. If you would like to sponser him please click on the pink ribbon to the left. This is a link to his home page, While you're there you can always register yourself and have people sponser you. If you are not up for the walk/run you can always do the Sleep in for a cure, all the details are on the wesite.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

He speaks!!

Well Matthew is not a man of many words. He says Mama all the time and has said a handful of words. Typical Hi, Bye, Dada............. But today he said a sentance, " I want that" he saw a tiny toy i was just getting ready to pick up from the floor and he ran up and said that. So i gave it to him. It was cute. Then when Ben came home from work he brought pizza and Matthew said "eat" I know there will come a day when he wont stop talking, But i am so enjoying his new words right now.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Brandon and Alex

This is one of my nephews who is a really good ball player. It was a nice day in Astoria (shocking, i know) so they all went outside for a couple hours soaking up the sun.

Here's Alex, his favorite sport is actually soccer, but he plays baseball too.
HMMMM, where are the pics of the other kids??? Tank, Chelsea, Tiger and Diva..... oh thats right, they walk on all fours and cant play baseball.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Real SNOW!!!!

Yea!!! The kids were so excited that it snowed. So I bundled them up and took them out. The funny thing was Matthews gloves were in the car and Ben took my car to work. So i put a pair of socks on his hands and then put sandwich baggies over those socks and then put a second pair of socks on. Actually I think it worked better than his gloves. Everyone had a blast including the dog.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Why did the chicken cross the road??????

Because he was to stupid to wait for the ok, that was Cody's answer, so it must be right.

Valentines Day, 2-14-06

After school the kids painted pictures for daddy for Valentines day. When Ben got home this was his Valentines day surprise.

Cody's class Valentines party

A dusting of snow

On Sat. It snowed enough for the kids to have a little fun in it. This is only our second snow of the winter season

Buster enjoying the outdoors

Matthew hanging with our stray cat Jack.
Kaitlen and Code trying to gather enough snow to throw at each other.

Friday, February 10, 2006

A riddle for you.......

What walks on four legs in the morning, two in the afternoon and three in the evening?????

OK, we've all probably heard that one and someone probably had to tell you the answer. Well Thomas thought he could get Cody with this one....... thought.....

So Cody is thinking out loud about the 4 legs in the morning and says CAT, thomas says no, DOG, again no....... so Cody says well a baby crawls on 4 legs and a person walks with 2...... so someone who cant walk straight, like someone who is handicapped would walk with 3.......... Geez the kid is 6, he is definitly a thinker and analyzer....... Even Thomas said How did he figure that out????????? Thats my Code ;o)

Sassy Kaitlen

We were waiting to get the carpets cleaned that day and kaitlen decided to do some posing for the camera.

Cheesy Santa

This was at Bens work Christmas party and the Santa flaked out so they had to go buy a Santa suit and one of the office guys played Santa....LOL. Cody thought he was awful thin. The cool thing though is they had an age appropriate toy for all the kids there.

Officer of the year!!!!!

Ben got Officer of the year at his department and he also recieved the life saving award for saving a 25 y/o male that had suffered cardiac and respiratory arrest. The pictures are hard to see because it was dark in there and ben wanted to sit in the back.

Thomas turned 14

This is a picture of Thomas and his freind Shad on his birthday. We had dinner at Fuddruckers and then the boys went to the movies. It was to late to get a cake at the bakery so he got the lovely grocery store special.... lol. The next day they ran around outside playing paintball and walking the creek.


Here are a couple pictures of Matthew on kaitens tricycle.

My skater chick

Here are some pics of kaitlen. Doesn't she look like she should be at Venice Beach in Ca. Oh, that is about the most clothes that you'll see on that girl.