Monday, February 20, 2006

Brandon and Alex

This is one of my nephews who is a really good ball player. It was a nice day in Astoria (shocking, i know) so they all went outside for a couple hours soaking up the sun.

Here's Alex, his favorite sport is actually soccer, but he plays baseball too.
HMMMM, where are the pics of the other kids??? Tank, Chelsea, Tiger and Diva..... oh thats right, they walk on all fours and cant play baseball.


Anonymous said...

there so cute

Anonymous said...

where is astoria??? but they ur first nefew has really good batting posture if u read this tell him that.

Lisa said...

i just saw this.i'll tell him. he's the pitcher for his team and i wont be ssurprise if he makes it to the pros. he's a great ball player.
im not just saying that because im his aunt :o)