Monday, February 27, 2006

Before I had a digital camera:o)

Here are some pictures i already had scanned into the computer, there are more i want to scan, but i think i might look into a new scanner before i do it, we'll see.
Mr.California- Cody won the Mr Ca. title back in '02, he first won All American at the Whittwood mall and that paid his entry(which was a fraction of what we ended up spending) for Mr/Miss California and he won the title. He was so cute. Ben said he would start a champion and end a champion, so that was his last pageant.
Cody got runner up in the modeling western wear.

This picture is us at my brother in laws graduation from the LAPD academy. I remember I had to call in sick to work just so I could go
Here is a picture of Ben and I on the night we met, May 2, '97 at the Cowboy Boogie, CrAzY DaYs..... LOL. The one of me is before Tina and I left the house and the one of Ben is him writing his number down :o)

Here we are at a safety thing at Bens work and im about 36 weeks pregnant with Matthew. Look how young Kaitlen and Cody are.


Anonymous said...

I remember that night. Thanks Ben for taking us to Dennys!!...Tina

Lisa said...

LOL, i know, how crazy, we got in the car with a total stranger. A hottie, but a stranger.

Lisa said...

Ben says he's still paying for it.