Wednesday, February 22, 2006

He speaks!!

Well Matthew is not a man of many words. He says Mama all the time and has said a handful of words. Typical Hi, Bye, Dada............. But today he said a sentance, " I want that" he saw a tiny toy i was just getting ready to pick up from the floor and he ran up and said that. So i gave it to him. It was cute. Then when Ben came home from work he brought pizza and Matthew said "eat" I know there will come a day when he wont stop talking, But i am so enjoying his new words right now.


Sheryl said...

That's so like a boy for one of his first words to be "EAT" ... Grant was never a man of many words until just recently. A week or so ago I was changing his diaper, and he surprised me with "Don't touch my bottom!" I said, "I'm changing your dirty diaper, honey, I have to clean your bottom." He got his little finger as closed to my face as he could and said with a big smile, "Off limits, ya boogerhead!"

On another note, I saw Beth today, the nurse who helped bring Matthew into the world almost two years ago! She's now working at Dr. Paulson's clinic in FV. Brought back a lot of memories of a wonderful day!

Lisa said...

Grant is too funny. :o)

Talk about total flashback with Beth, I love the picture of her and Dr.Ellis holding Matthew. They looked like they were the proud parents. I thought she only wanted to work L&D. Who's going to be my nurse next time???