Thursday, April 30, 2009

Win a butterfly garden

Enter for you chance to win a butterfly garden from Insect Lore over at What now baby. Head on over and check it out. Insect Lore has a lot of cool stuff.

Kaitlen wanted her haircut

Kaitlen has been wanting her hair cut to her chin and I finally did it.


Cherries Apron

Hi everyone. I made this cutesy apron as a giveaway over at Five Monkies Review Head on over and check her out and enter for your chance to win it. It's just screaming at you to make a cherry pie! BTW i make an awesome cherry pie, not that overly sweet goop in a can stuff. I'll have to post the recipe.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Kaitlen with one of her best friends Jasmine on their field trip.
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Because I can, lol

Abbie is prepared ;) ok, I swear i don't have loads of free time on my hands and it only took like 10 minutes to make. She's not crying because of the mask, she crying because Cody pulled some kind of prank on her and she came to tell me. She happens to really like the mask because it's hers and none of the other kids have one. Now my kids want Dr costumes, lol.


Paper or Plastic?

I went to the store after picking the kids up from school and she asked me paper or plastic? I looked at my stuff and said that it was ok, I didn't need either. She gave me the weirdest look (like I'd grown a horn out of my head) and said, really?.... yeah.. really. I had a case of water, a gallon of milk, cereal, and juice. Nothing needed to be bagged. I think it kinda stressed her out, lol.


Totally Talented Tuesday

Last week Matthew's preschool had their field trip and at the beginning of it they got to play at the park. We'd never been to that park and it was very cool.
Matthew was determined to climb on that thing (it moved up and down) stand up and jump off it.
And he did!

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Are you worried about the Swine Flu?

I'm just wondering what every ones thoughts were right know since it's fairly new out in the news. I know Americans are fairing it pretty well, with only one hospitalized and no deaths. Mexico isn't doing so well with many people dieing and that is scary to me. It has spread outside of North America. It's kinda the whole unknown thing, is it going to plateau not far from where we are at or is it going to make history.

At times I feel fine about it but then I think of Kaitlen. She's my sickly one. All of my kids can get the same virus and shes down and out twice as hard and twice as long. She'll get the fever, ear inf, Bronchitis, laryngitis (she just got over that) and of course pneumonia. With her poor immune system and the fact that it's the pneumonia that's killing the people with the flu, that's what's scary to me. Then I have Matthew. He'll catch the same cold as everyone and it will only last half the amount of time it normally does with the other kids. He has an awesome immune system. Both Kaitlen and Matthew were breast fed and kaitlen for A LOT LONGER THAN MATTHEW! (and Matthew was for almost 2 yrs) so no one can argue the whole formula vs breast thing.

When i was looking for an image for this post i found this article and it was from two yrs ago. I thought it was interesting, it felt unfinished, but interesting.

Here are some links in case you haven't read about it and want to. 1, 2, 3

oh, and the image was from 2003, so even though this strain is new to us, the situation isn't.

Feel free to leave your honest opinion/thoughts. This isn't a debate and it sure isn't a board on ivillage, LOL!!! ;)


The chicks

I know, those of you on my myspace have already seen it, but I have to share it with the rest of the peeps. They will be going outside this wednesday!! TG. our plan over the weekend didnt work out. Their new home is bigger than we thought and we have to make sure cats and snakes can't get them.

Since the couple days that have past since i taped this, now 4 and 5 at a time will roost on the edge of the tub.


Monday, April 27, 2009

Get ready for Cinco De Mama!!!

Twitter Moms is throwing a Cinco De Mama Party, share your fave recipe!

Jose Jose Cuervo will donate $1 to RADD (formerly known as Recording Artists, Actors and Athletes Against Drunk Driving) for every RT that day. Up to 2,500 RT!!
(this is a twitter thing!)

Run a slice of lime over the rim of your glass and dip it in corse salt.

  • 1 1/2 oz Jose Quervo Especial Tequila
  • 1/2 oz Triple Sec
  • 1 oz Lemon or Lime Juice
  • Ice
Shake and pour into glass and enjoy!!

By your 3rd margarita you'll probably want a shot glass lined up and ready too :)


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bens Bday cake- yum

Ben told me that I'm not to do anything for his birthday and not to tell the kids because then they would want to do something and buy him stuff. His bday isn't until the 28th and he has to work. Soooooo, on Monday I emailed my local baker ( I know her) and told her what I wanted and to not say anything to Ben if she happens to see him :) Ben had Friday and Saturday off and it worked out great because he worked over time thurs night. So thursday after school I took the kids to pick out somethings for daddy and that they better not say A THING or they wouldn't get a piece of cake(it worked). On Fri I took the kids to school while he slept. Which made it easy for me to pick up the cake without him.

When Ben was sleeping I quickly decorated the table, brought out his present from hidding and waited for him and the younger two to wake up.

Ben was surprised when he got up and the sucky thing was that we had to wait until the evening before eating the cake!!!
We picked the kids up from school early, went for my MRI, ate dinner at Coltons (i was starved and Kaitlen had a free meal thing from school), then we came home and finally got to eat that yummy cake.

side notes- yes I know his present was warpped in pink paper. It was all i had. And yes I know the razorback looks more pink than red especially by the pink box :)

His cake- It's a Razorback cop and its actually on a road, lol. How cute is that?? She did a great job.


Spotlight Sunday

I have decided that every Sunday that I will spotlight a blog, boutique, or any site for that matter that I happen to really like what they do, have, sell, make, give.
Today will be Handmade By Ashley. She does most of her business through Myspace but you can also email her if you like. She does have a blog were you can follow her and her adorable daughter Lily Mae.

She makes all my girls bows and does an awesome job at it. She made Abbies Halloween costume. She makes the cutest tutus. (we have many of those, lol)

Here is some of her awesome work.

Big Poofy Bows

Small bows
Medium bows

large bows

Bow holders


cute bathroom decor
She also makes: Decorated wipey cases, paci holders for boys and girls, korkers bows, silk flower bows, M2M bows (made to match) embroidered shirts that will match the bows too (great for the holidays, 4th of July, Easter, Christmas).

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sodastream Soda and Seltzer maker

I don't if you have heard of this before, but I had seen their site a while back and thought it was pretty cool. It is Sodastream and you can make a variety of soda and flavored water in your own home for a fraction of the cost of buying soda and with less environmental waste. Now you have the chance to win one over at J. Leigh Designz. Head on over and check it out.


My Wal-mart adventure

On Wednesday after I picked up all the kids I headed to Walmart to get some groceries. Thomas sat in the car with the kids while I ran in. I get everything i needed and go check out. The cashier was overly chatty, but that was ok. I go to leave with my cart and I see a guy spit something onto the floor and walk away. He had his little boy with him. So when I passed where he was I looked and the stupid idiot spit his frikkin tobacco juice/spit onto the floor thinking no one would see. I got so mad and disgusted. He was ahead of me so I wasn't going to run after him, but then for some reason he decided not to leave the store (maybe he remembered, oh yeah, I don't need to go outside and spit, i just dun it on the floor in walmart) He turned around and came back my way and I said to him," you just spit on the floor!" He ignored me and kept walking..... He's a winner and his little boy is going to be just like him. sad.
After Walmart I need to run down to Hobby Lobby and take some pics of fabric. I do that real quick and decide to stop off at Ben's work since we will be passing by it. As soon as I get there the traffic over his radio is saying something about a guy with a knife at walmart. The walmart I left 40 minutes ago. I left the PD and as i get to the main rd EMS is on it's way to Walmart. Here is the sad ending to this story and thankfully no one else was hurt. And no, it wasn't the guy that spit the tobacco, but Ben informed me I'm not aloud to call out anyone on anything anymore, because you never know.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

only 2 weeks late >:/

I just got an email from April 9th in my inbox today! It was a blog comment email. Now I've known for about a week? that my email is screwed up, but that's ridiculous. I'll be calling my phone company tomorrow, I just had them out here on tues for connection problems, grrrr. So if you have sent me an email that you thought I would have responded to, but never did, just let me know.


Codys nonstop qwest for knowledge

How does sound go through a barrier?

Is bamboo a grass?


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

If you live in Northwest Arkansas, or near it.

Cody brought home this flier for free dental service. It's the Arkansas Mission of Mercy, Free Dental Clinic. It will be held at the Convention Center in Springdale, Arkansas on May 8 & 9, 2009. The host hotel will be the Holiday Inn, 1500 South 48th St. Springdale, Ar. 72762.

There are no eligibility or income requirements. It's a first come first serve basis for both children and adults. Parking is available at the convention center. Doors open at 7am!!

In 2007, 1542 patients treated, 2774 extractions, and 886 fillings.
In 2008, 1569 patients treated, 2816 extractions, and 1711 fillings.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who is needing dental work and has been putting it off either due to cost or insurance.We have pretty good dental and the kids go every 6 months so we won't be going, but this is just a great service i had to share it.


Abbies absolute most fave movie EVER!

I admit, I love it too. Matthew won't admit it, but loves watching it too.


My Chickies are growing up

They can get out of their temporary home. We will be moving them to a bigger temporary home this weekend. It's actually so big it's on the deck. So they'll be outside :( They are super fun in the house. The one in the pic is one of the Bantam chicks, I need to take a pic of one of the reds, they are so much bigger.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Online names

I need to pick one and stick with it!! I have:

oh, and mom2tckma, but that's only on ivillage.


Enter to win a Kids Creations Swing set!!

I have been wanting to get the kids a nice wood swing set. That way Cody and Kaitlen can enjoy it too. We have a metal swing set that they are really to big for and only Matthew and Abigail can play on it. Not so much fun for my 6 and 9 y/o. I can just picture them doing what my older siblings did with our metal swing. Hang from the main bar until it eventually bends in the middle :s. No fun to swing like that. I swear my brothers did that. Do you remember Tina?

This is an awesome chance for you to get a good quality wood swing set for your kids. It's the Three Ring Adventure by Kids Creations. The contest is being put on over at Dad Blogs. Head on over and enter for your kids! Someone has to win. It could be you. (or me :) )


Totally Talented Tuesday

This is the beginning of my attempt at having several flower gardens in our yard. The sad green thing in the middle was to be a sunflower, but it took a dirt nap with the dog :(. So I need to replace the sunflower.... I sprinkled wild flower seeds all over the dirt and watered it. I'll update when things grow :).

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Ben and Jerry's

I have read that today is a free Ben and Jerry's cone day. I ask that you not eat Ben and Jerry's as they support a cop killer. I have never had B&J and never will.


NATIONAL POLICE WEEK IS MAY 10-16, 2009 387 officers will be added to the memorial.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Introducing the Mapron, The Man Apron :)

When I was making an apron the other week Thomas said he wanted an apron, but only the bottom part. He also wanted a green one. So i was going through my stash of green fabric (all of bens old clothes that he doesn't wear anymore) and thought corduroy would be good. Then it hit me that the back pocket of the shorts could be the front pockets on the apron. So all I really did was cut the shorts into a rectangle and for the ties in the back i just cut off the hemmed bottom of the shorts and sewed them to the top sides and hemmed up the apron and whaa-laaa a mapron.

you can click on the pic to get a better look.


The House of They

I stole this from Renee. She posted it a while back, but boy oh boy do I know a They and the best thing is to stay away from them theys.


Have you heard of the terrible family They,
And the dreadful, venomous things They say?
Why, half the gossip under the sun,
If you trace it back, you will find begun
In that wretched House of They.

A numerous family, so I am told,
And its genealogical tree is old;
For ever since Adam and Eve began
To build up the curious race of man,
Has existed the House of They.

Gossip-mongers and spreaders of lies,
Horrid people whom all despise!
And yet the best of us now and then,
Repeat queer tales about women and men
And quote the House of They.

They live like lords, and never labor;
A They’s one task is to watch his neighbor,
And tell his business and private affairs
To the world at large; they are sowers of tares –
These folks in the House of They.

It is wholly useless to follow a They
With a whip or a gun, for he slips away
And into his house, where you cannot go;
It is locked and bolted and guarded so –
This horrible house of They.

Though you cannot get in, yet They got out,
And spread their villainous tales about;
Of all the rascals under the sun
Who have come to punishment, never one
Belonged to the House of They.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Oklahoma City Bombing and Columbine

April 19, 1995
We have been to the Oklahoma memorial a couple times and on our first time there Ben (i) put one of his LASD patches on the fence. The little girls shoe took my breath away and I decided to place Bens patch by her shoe.

April 20,1999
Columbine.... This image i will never forget! It wasn't until last year when I looked up his name on the Internet. He is Patrick Ireland. I hope he is doing well today.

Today is also the anniversary for the end of the Waco Siege. I know OKC bombing was purposely done on the Waco anniversary.

Virginia Tech was on the 16th of April. Two years, hard to believe.


The last time I heard Moms voice

It was a Wednesday and hospice had got her pain under control. She called me and I wasn't home and she left a message. The next couple times I called she was asleep. Then she was at the point were she was unable to speak and my sister Jackie held the phone up to Moms ear and I got to speak to her. Jackie said she could see Moms eyes moving. She knew I was talking to her.

I have had this message on my machine for over a year now and my machine has been full for almost a year. I will erase my machine soon. Not tomorrow, probably not even the day after, but soon.


Great movie!!

This has got to be the best movie I have seen in a long time.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Art Festival

Today was our schools Fine Art Festival. It had art work from grades K-12 and there are some very talented kids there!! One of Kaitlen's art work was chosen to be in the festival. So I got there a quarter till the festival started and bought hers so no one else could!!! lol.

It's raining and thunder storming here so it'll just be a cleaning day here. No fun stuff outside. Sucky, Sucky.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

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I had my follow up appointment

Yesterday I went to my appt with the Dr who took my gallbladder out. He went over my CT with us. Everything looked really good. He wants to make sure I don't have any stones in my bile duct and to find out what is causing my pain. He doesn't think it's stones, but he has to rule everything out before he can say it's adhesions. So I will be scheduled for an MRI. I've never had one before, but I'm not claustrophobic so I'm sure it won't bother me. While I'm at the hospital he wants me to have blood work done. LFT's and I'm not sure if it was a Lipase or Amylase too. I'll update that later.

Ok, there was a funny moment! Now, my Dr is a very fun, likable, and personable. You are instantly comfortable with him. Well, he was showing us this one part of the report and I don't remember what it said, but basically it was referring to my fat. He actually pinched my fat stomach indicating that's why it said it in the report, LMAO!!! and he looked at Ben and said him too!!!! HAHA. Anyway, I'm glad he's not afraid to say someone is fat. Most Dr's are.

UPDATE- it's a MRCP, which makes sense.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Name this bad girl!!

Ok, Ben got a Smith & Wesson M&P 15 for the SWAT team. I think she deserves a name, don't you? Ben has no idea I'm doing this and he will probably pee his pants (if he was a girl) when he sees this.
So. Should she have a hot, sexy name? A strong, girthy female name? or what? A dingy blond name, lol (sorry any blonds out there) Gay male name?
Just leave any and all names in the comment section. Nothings off limits.

Totally Talented Tuesday- T-Ball

First day of t-ball practice. Kaitlen was so excited and she rocks at softball!

Totally talented Tuesday is put on by Dee over at Two of a kind, Working on a full house. Head over their to see more TTT.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Made Ben a twitter account and page

ok, Ben can't stand computers and only uses them because he has to at work. I've made him a Myspace page and he sometimes uses it. I made him a blog because I really think you all would enjoy what he has to say, but he doesn't blog on there. So now I made him a Twitter account. He seemed kinda intrigued by twitter. So we'll see if it take with him. Now the stuff on his twitter page I have twitted for him. He just tells me to keep tweeting it. LOL.

Now for the SWAT pic. Their department will be starting a SWAT team. They will also be getting two police dogs. I think some of the officers have gone to the SWAT school and Ben and the rest will be going in Oct?? IDR. So Ben and the guys are very excited.

Contest over at I hate Whine!! 50$ GC to photofiddle

the contest ends tomorrow so move fast!!!! Head over to I hate Whine so you can see what Photofiddle does. What is so cool for us is I can send just an ordinary group photo of my kids in and end up with a portrait! I hope I win, lol


Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Weekend

I figured I'd throw all the pics into one post.

Playing with their Peeps!

Saturday we went to Mt View to leave flowers for Bens mom. The kids got to pick out the flowers and Cody brought a plastic Easter egg to leave at her grave. After we left the cemetary we went to a gun show they had going on their. Matthew was in heaven!!!! and Code was very interested in the antique pistols. Then of course Abbie was freaking because there was people all over the place.

After we left the gun show we met up with Uncle Lani and Auntie Anna for lunch. The kids always love getting together.

Here is Kaitlen and Emily.

The twins, William and William.

My Matthew is actually William Matthew John and William is William Jacob.

They look so much alike. They even have the same lumps on their skulls. The only thing is their color. Matthew is as white as white can get. He's my white boy and Willy has tan skin like Kaitlen and Emily. Poor Matthew and Cody, they didn't get any of the Filipino skin color.

ok, neither did Abbie, LOL. but Abbie has a lot of red hair. It's hard to capture in a pic though.
Coloring eggs..... yeahhhhhhhh.

Cody is my eddie munster. He has a widows peak. :)
ok. She kept trying and trying to drink the coloring. So i let her to put an end to it.

Easter Day
ok, I know. I didn't make their dresses.

Abbie is wearing Kaitlens dress from 4 years ago.

I actually still have those shoes in my closet :) and Matthew wears that shirt that Cody has on, lol.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

oh, the boys and their Easter clothes? Well, I cut their hair and told them to shower and finish getting dressed and they never finished......... and we weren't going anywhere so i didn't press the issue.