Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Prima Princessa and a giveaway!!

We were so excited to get the chance to review Prima Princessa. Just from seeing the cover Kaitlen was about to burst!!

Was she ready???
oh, yes she was!

ballet slippers- check!
little sister who has no idea why big sister is so excited- CHECK!
little brother cause he's game- check

ready, set, hit play!!

I'm not sure you can get any more adorable than on this DVD. At first the kids are glued as this adorable little ballerina fairy, Prima Princessa comes across the screen with her fairy sprinkles glittering all over. She takes you on a ballet adventure. You get to see the IX acts of Swan Lake by the Paris Opera Ballet and the kids learn some history on Peter Tchaikovsky.
In between acts the girls get to be the Prima Ballerina, learning the moves of ballet through very fun, funny, and creative demonstrations.

What was Matthew thinking at this point??... "they have a boy in ballet, that's awesome" (insert a slight speech problem and a Boston accent to get the full effect :) ) Yes, i know he was born and raised in Arkansas his whole 4 yrs of life. We have no idea where the accent comes from.

By act II Abbie and Kaitlen are following along with the ballet. Way to cute, i expected Kaitlen too because she has done ballet, but i was surprised when Abbie did too, and Abbie is only 2 y/o.

This would be great for any little girl. Perfect for the Easter basket, fun times when it's raining outside and little ones are antsy. I also thought it would be fun to have on in the background at a birthday party so the girls could dance around while playing.

As soon as it ended Kaitlen immediately asked if she could watch it again. She watched it again and had just as much fun as the first time.

Can I just say Flamingos=Giggles, every time!!! I know your curious now.

The creators of Prima Princessa are generously offering a DVD to one of you!!

Just leave me a comment about the special girl that you would love to have a copy of this for and you are entered!!

Do you want extra entries?? of course you do :)

1-Follow me and leave a comment saying you are
2-Grab my button and leave a comment saying you did
3-Twitter up to twice a day and comment that you did
4- Blog about it linking back to here and get 5 extra entries. Leave 5 separate comments.

Winner will be drawn by on Wed April 8th at noon central time.


Krimmyk said...

I will have to pass as I have a boy, but best of luck to all! Cute prize Lisa!

Ashley said...

Oh Oh!! Lily would love this!!

Kim said...

Hannah would so love this! (Shh her girly side just came out :)

♥Lisa♥ said...

Awww, that's so adorable that her girlie side is coming out!!! Kaitlen is such a mix of both, like the boxer with the tutu on!

MJ said...

I have been wanting this for my little girl for months! (Even though she's still a baby...)


MJ said...

Also, I subscribed to your blog via feed instead of "following"- does that count? If not, I'll still enjoy your blogging!


♥Lisa♥ said...

yes, it counts :)

Anonymous said...

I am missing my kids grow up. My way of getting to see them is thru the blog.

auntrene said...

I have an adorable 7 year old niece Mally who would love this DVD. She is a ballerina in my living room 3 days after school and the other 2 days she is a gymnast. She doesn't hold stll.
Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

quitecontrary1977 said...

My daughter loves all things ballet right now. A very fun stage! I'd love to win this for!

~~~KnM's Mom~~~ said...

My little girl loves dancing! At least a few times a day she'll put on one of her tutus and dance around! She loves ballet but is too young for any of the classes here...She'd love this!
correaohana at gmail dot com

~~~KnM's Mom~~~ said...

I just signed up to follow your blog!