Monday, April 13, 2009

Made Ben a twitter account and page

ok, Ben can't stand computers and only uses them because he has to at work. I've made him a Myspace page and he sometimes uses it. I made him a blog because I really think you all would enjoy what he has to say, but he doesn't blog on there. So now I made him a Twitter account. He seemed kinda intrigued by twitter. So we'll see if it take with him. Now the stuff on his twitter page I have twitted for him. He just tells me to keep tweeting it. LOL.

Now for the SWAT pic. Their department will be starting a SWAT team. They will also be getting two police dogs. I think some of the officers have gone to the SWAT school and Ben and the rest will be going in Oct?? IDR. So Ben and the guys are very excited.

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