Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Weekend

I figured I'd throw all the pics into one post.

Playing with their Peeps!

Saturday we went to Mt View to leave flowers for Bens mom. The kids got to pick out the flowers and Cody brought a plastic Easter egg to leave at her grave. After we left the cemetary we went to a gun show they had going on their. Matthew was in heaven!!!! and Code was very interested in the antique pistols. Then of course Abbie was freaking because there was people all over the place.

After we left the gun show we met up with Uncle Lani and Auntie Anna for lunch. The kids always love getting together.

Here is Kaitlen and Emily.

The twins, William and William.

My Matthew is actually William Matthew John and William is William Jacob.

They look so much alike. They even have the same lumps on their skulls. The only thing is their color. Matthew is as white as white can get. He's my white boy and Willy has tan skin like Kaitlen and Emily. Poor Matthew and Cody, they didn't get any of the Filipino skin color.

ok, neither did Abbie, LOL. but Abbie has a lot of red hair. It's hard to capture in a pic though.
Coloring eggs..... yeahhhhhhhh.

Cody is my eddie munster. He has a widows peak. :)
ok. She kept trying and trying to drink the coloring. So i let her to put an end to it.

Easter Day
ok, I know. I didn't make their dresses.

Abbie is wearing Kaitlens dress from 4 years ago.

I actually still have those shoes in my closet :) and Matthew wears that shirt that Cody has on, lol.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

oh, the boys and their Easter clothes? Well, I cut their hair and told them to shower and finish getting dressed and they never finished......... and we weren't going anywhere so i didn't press the issue.



Tina said...

William is such a little guy now. They do look alike. I think Abbie has a drinking problem and i like your table that way..

♥Lisa♥ said...

William will be 4 in May... Abbie has a small drinking problem... shhh.
I like the table that way too. i just did it a few days ago.

HopefulSap said...

what great pictures of some cute kids!!!