Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bens Bday cake- yum

Ben told me that I'm not to do anything for his birthday and not to tell the kids because then they would want to do something and buy him stuff. His bday isn't until the 28th and he has to work. Soooooo, on Monday I emailed my local baker ( I know her) and told her what I wanted and to not say anything to Ben if she happens to see him :) Ben had Friday and Saturday off and it worked out great because he worked over time thurs night. So thursday after school I took the kids to pick out somethings for daddy and that they better not say A THING or they wouldn't get a piece of cake(it worked). On Fri I took the kids to school while he slept. Which made it easy for me to pick up the cake without him.

When Ben was sleeping I quickly decorated the table, brought out his present from hidding and waited for him and the younger two to wake up.

Ben was surprised when he got up and the sucky thing was that we had to wait until the evening before eating the cake!!!
We picked the kids up from school early, went for my MRI, ate dinner at Coltons (i was starved and Kaitlen had a free meal thing from school), then we came home and finally got to eat that yummy cake.

side notes- yes I know his present was warpped in pink paper. It was all i had. And yes I know the razorback looks more pink than red especially by the pink box :)

His cake- It's a Razorback cop and its actually on a road, lol. How cute is that?? She did a great job.



Midwest Mommy said...

That cake is awesome!

Tina said...

Happy Bday Ben... I want cake so bad!!

Patty said...

Too cute! Happy Birthday Ben!

Anonymous said...

Thank you guys. It was a nice treat.

Jenn said...

Cute ! You are way nicer then me, we don't get cakes for our birthdays just the kids do and we don't even give presents to each other.

Glad he had a nice day !

HopefulSap said...

that's so cool!! love that cake, she did do a great job!!!

Happy Birthday Ben!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Ben! Cool cake!

Ashley said...

Ugh I missed his bday :(