Sunday, April 19, 2009

Oklahoma City Bombing and Columbine

April 19, 1995
We have been to the Oklahoma memorial a couple times and on our first time there Ben (i) put one of his LASD patches on the fence. The little girls shoe took my breath away and I decided to place Bens patch by her shoe.

April 20,1999
Columbine.... This image i will never forget! It wasn't until last year when I looked up his name on the Internet. He is Patrick Ireland. I hope he is doing well today.

Today is also the anniversary for the end of the Waco Siege. I know OKC bombing was purposely done on the Waco anniversary.

Virginia Tech was on the 16th of April. Two years, hard to believe.



RC said...

It is certainly a tragedy. Interesting on the kid from Columbine in the picture. I never knew his name, etiher.

What a horrible image.

Kim said...

All those situations has brought me to tears. I will continue to keep all involved in my thoughts and prayers as they continue on without their loved ones and the emergency crews and our country as a whole.

That's pretty cool about placing Ben's patch especially next to the baby shoe...Thanks again to Ben for the work that he does and for you and the kids being behind him and worrying.

Krimmyk said...