Saturday, April 18, 2009

Art Festival

Today was our schools Fine Art Festival. It had art work from grades K-12 and there are some very talented kids there!! One of Kaitlen's art work was chosen to be in the festival. So I got there a quarter till the festival started and bought hers so no one else could!!! lol.

It's raining and thunder storming here so it'll just be a cleaning day here. No fun stuff outside. Sucky, Sucky.



Krimmyk said...

I like that little fishes pic!

Kim said...

Cute picture! WTG Kaitlyn!

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers over this past year for Joshua. We all really appreciate it. He's doing well except for those darn migrains! We have to go back at the end of May for another MRI/brain. (At first I was like why are my kids' picture on your page, lol)

Tina said...

LMAO...You had to buy her art?? Ok