Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Enter to win a Kids Creations Swing set!!

I have been wanting to get the kids a nice wood swing set. That way Cody and Kaitlen can enjoy it too. We have a metal swing set that they are really to big for and only Matthew and Abigail can play on it. Not so much fun for my 6 and 9 y/o. I can just picture them doing what my older siblings did with our metal swing. Hang from the main bar until it eventually bends in the middle :s. No fun to swing like that. I swear my brothers did that. Do you remember Tina?

This is an awesome chance for you to get a good quality wood swing set for your kids. It's the Three Ring Adventure by Kids Creations. The contest is being put on over at Dad Blogs. Head on over and enter for your kids! Someone has to win. It could be you. (or me :) )



Tina said...

Yes i remember.. Another reason i have to go to therapy...

♥Lisa♥ said...


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