Friday, April 24, 2009

My Wal-mart adventure

On Wednesday after I picked up all the kids I headed to Walmart to get some groceries. Thomas sat in the car with the kids while I ran in. I get everything i needed and go check out. The cashier was overly chatty, but that was ok. I go to leave with my cart and I see a guy spit something onto the floor and walk away. He had his little boy with him. So when I passed where he was I looked and the stupid idiot spit his frikkin tobacco juice/spit onto the floor thinking no one would see. I got so mad and disgusted. He was ahead of me so I wasn't going to run after him, but then for some reason he decided not to leave the store (maybe he remembered, oh yeah, I don't need to go outside and spit, i just dun it on the floor in walmart) He turned around and came back my way and I said to him," you just spit on the floor!" He ignored me and kept walking..... He's a winner and his little boy is going to be just like him. sad.
After Walmart I need to run down to Hobby Lobby and take some pics of fabric. I do that real quick and decide to stop off at Ben's work since we will be passing by it. As soon as I get there the traffic over his radio is saying something about a guy with a knife at walmart. The walmart I left 40 minutes ago. I left the PD and as i get to the main rd EMS is on it's way to Walmart. Here is the sad ending to this story and thankfully no one else was hurt. And no, it wasn't the guy that spit the tobacco, but Ben informed me I'm not aloud to call out anyone on anything anymore, because you never know.



Jenn said...

I too, have been told ...I have to shut my mouth even if I want to say something really really bad. Just incase they are some nutjob with a gun or something or just some idiot that would attack you .

Tina said...

What a real gentlemen that guy was..