Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Are you worried about the Swine Flu?

I'm just wondering what every ones thoughts were right know since it's fairly new out in the news. I know Americans are fairing it pretty well, with only one hospitalized and no deaths. Mexico isn't doing so well with many people dieing and that is scary to me. It has spread outside of North America. It's kinda the whole unknown thing, is it going to plateau not far from where we are at or is it going to make history.

At times I feel fine about it but then I think of Kaitlen. She's my sickly one. All of my kids can get the same virus and shes down and out twice as hard and twice as long. She'll get the fever, ear inf, Bronchitis, laryngitis (she just got over that) and of course pneumonia. With her poor immune system and the fact that it's the pneumonia that's killing the people with the flu, that's what's scary to me. Then I have Matthew. He'll catch the same cold as everyone and it will only last half the amount of time it normally does with the other kids. He has an awesome immune system. Both Kaitlen and Matthew were breast fed and kaitlen for A LOT LONGER THAN MATTHEW! (and Matthew was for almost 2 yrs) so no one can argue the whole formula vs breast thing.

When i was looking for an image for this post i found this article and it was from two yrs ago. I thought it was interesting, it felt unfinished, but interesting.

Here are some links in case you haven't read about it and want to. 1, 2, 3

oh, and the image was from 2003, so even though this strain is new to us, the situation isn't.

Feel free to leave your honest opinion/thoughts. This isn't a debate and it sure isn't a board on ivillage, LOL!!! ;)



Krimmyk said...

If you look at the cases of the flu, the virus is more apt to target those who are not your usual high risks (elderly and children). I think the cases here are being squelched due to the fact of the latent immunization of our populace. Though some knock the immunizations of children the lack of immunization has reintroduced illnesses that have not been seen in our country since the '60. The idea of latent chemicals floating within my body icks me out, but I also see the fact I never caught those illnesses as proof they work.

Look at the local outbreak we had since last summer down here of Whooping cough. The CDC can pin point to the family who carried a mutated version to the area from Minnesota. Damn thing spread like wild fire, almost killing one of the initial kids it infected. All because the parents refused to immunize, they almost lost their youngest to it. They now immunize.
The immunization theory is pure conjecture on my part, but for the majority it does set the Americans a part from the Mexicans. Also we have better health facilities no matter what the administration says. So better access to non impoverished populace creates less likely hood of deaths. I see this like West Nile, SASRS, and bird flu, it's not an epidemic here, and it is sad anyone has to be sickened from it. Having a global lifestyle is the creating many obstacles for our health, and it's swine flu's time again. Let's not rush out like they did in the 1970's and make the inoculation worse then catching the flu.

Midwest Mommy said...

I go through phases too. I am worried sick and then I have total confidence that our country will handle it. I just don't know what to think.

Tina said...

I'm not worried about it..BUT on Sunday i had the WINE flu!!!

♥Lisa♥ said...

LOL Tina. You kill me!

Krimmyk said...

Tina think of it this way you can get wine flu, but only wine-o's drink from the bottle! You are so darn funny!

HopefulSap said...

I'm not worried about it at all...

and sorry... I guess I'm terrible for not injecting my kids with vaccines?

They have stronger immune systems than my first three that have had all their shots...

I'm not against treatment for things... just saying... but I'm not injecting myself of my kids any further of crap I feel is damaging.

No offense to those who do, I see it both ways. Just personal preference and determining what is right for us.