Friday, April 03, 2009

This and That and Kennedy!

First- Prayers for sweet Kennedy. She is a sickie one right now. She is staying over night in the hospital to get her back on track. When she gets sick her body does it up real good and it becomes mission impossible to keep her out of the hospital. Pray she feels better fast.


Found out today that Kaitlen's Softball team is going to be called the Ladybugs. Which is good. Last year they were the Sluggers and this yr Ben got the FOP to sponsor the team so the shirt would have said Sluggers with the FOP logo underneath it (Fraternal Order of Police). Made me giggle when i thought about it.


Bens working a Lil' Wayne concert. That outta be a blast.


Bens taking us out to dinner tomorrow. Yeah, I don't have to cook!! I don't remember where we are going.



Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Thanks for praying. I need to update but I'm too mad... so I'm waiting until I'm more collected. We'll be going home in a few hours. Enjoy your night out!!!!

Krimmyk said...

Prayers going out to the little one.

Who cares where you are going anytime you don't have to cook is always a +!