Sunday, September 21, 2008

9 years ago today

at 9:04am Pacific time I gave birth to Benjamin Cody Velasco. He weighed 9#s 10oz and 21" long. I can not believe 9 years have gone by.
Cody wearing Daddy's outfit home from the hospital.
Codys baptismal
Cody won Mr. California 2002
and runner up in the Western wear modeling contest and a couple other trophies. I don't remember what they were.

Our first fall in Arkansas

Kaitlen and Cody

Cody holding Matthew

the Codster and the Abinator

The best for last. This is Codys Pop. Just two weeks earlier we found out Pop had 7 tumors on his brain. Cody and Pop were buddies. He was and is his Grandfathers Grandson. Cody is just like his Pop. He eats like him. Has the same interests as he did. Watches all the same shows. The Discovery Channel, Science stuff, documentaries. Pop you would be beaming with joy. I wish you were here to share it with Cody.


auntie Tina said...

Happy Birthday Cody! I saw there when you were born.Your mom got made because your dad and i were talking..LOL That's a cute pic of Bill and Cody.

♥Lisa♥ said...

oh yeah!!! I was in transition and my epi was only working on one side of my body and what do you guys say??????????? oh look, she's sleeping.
you're lucky i didn't have anything to throw.

alisha said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CODY!!! I hope your birthday is much fun! :)

Jenn said...

Great pictures ! My friend in grade 9 or 10 had the very same hair do,even up on the same side!

♥Lisa♥ said...

LOL, LMBO!!! I bet she looked cute :)