Saturday, April 05, 2008

just stalling

I don't think I wrote this before and im to tired to go back and look. ;) but when i was in the room with my mom the night before i left we had talked about different things and i told her why couldn't i be 60 and she be 86. you know the mom and daughter at the mall but your not sure which is the mom and which is the daughter because they are both *old* :) two old biddies walking the mall holding hands. Mom held our hands no matter how old we were. 30 more yrs how wonderful that would have been. My youngest would be 31. know doubt i'd be a grandma many times over. have yr after yr of the kids saying Nana sends us the same stuff every yr for Christmas (or something the same to complain) or another QVC box, LOL. She was turning into to her Mom. ( i just dont get the whole QVC thing, maybe when im 60)

If i go to sleep it will make it a day since she left. If i don't go to bed then its still the same day. Do i make any sense? i don't want to head into day two.


Ashley Hester said...

just letting you know I'm reading...let me know if I can do anything......hugs

Anonymous said...

Your family is in our prayers. You have many beautiful memories to help you through this time.

auntie Tina said...

Mom would always hold our hands. and then start picking at my nails. I got the QVC trait from Nana and mom in my 20's..

♥Lisa♥ said...

Ebay must be my QVC