Friday, April 04, 2008

A poem

This is from my cousin? we are related through marriages. i've know her since she was born. Shauna wrote a poem for her cousin when he passed away and she sent me part of it.

Whispers are secrets that can never be heard,
The caring heart, the open word,
You talk and talk, but no one hears,
Your faded through light like a mist of our air,
Your not gone forever just sit there and wait,
Your tears will be gone,
There is no more hate,
Everyone is weak, but soon to be strong,
We all have to realize your body is gone,
Yet your soul lies in heaven where it should be found,
I know our Father will take care of you now,
Your love is not gone,
Your smile is still here,
We've put it in our thoughts,
We've bonded our tears,
We all make mistakes,
We all have our wrongs,
We all can't be perfect, but we all must be strong!

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