Wednesday, April 23, 2008


On thursday Cody has a game at 6 and kaitlen has a scrimage at 6 at two different places. I knew Cody had a game and K's was suppose to be practice on thurs but her coach just emailed saying its a scrimage. If it was just practice then it would be no big deal because they have practice 3 days a week with only having to go to two of the practices. I could have seen Codes game. So thomas will go with Cody and I will go with Kaitlen.

Soon Ben will be on days, did you hear that?? lol. i havent wanted to type it because things change so fast and i didnt want to jinx it, but we've known for a couple months?? He will have an A schedule. mon-fri, weekends off, holidays off..... wow, weird, we will be normal...... So with all that said he will be helping coach Codys team and will be there for his games. Hopefully things will pan out and he can see kaitlen play some of her games too. She is an awesome ball player.
I'll update more on Bens new position when i flippin remember what it is, lol.

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Patty said...

YAY Ben!!! Sorry you have to miss one of the games for C and K, we had that problem last spring with soccer for Natalie and DJ, our saving grace was that Natalie's games were a lot longer than DJ's. LOL