Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I voted today!!

Many of you know I was stressed out. I didn't know who to choose. I grew up in a Republican house and married into a Democratic family. I've been Dem for 11 yrs now. When i walked up to vote it all became clear and I knew who I wanted or more specific who I didn't want. It seems to be very Taboo to share your political party on your blog SO IM BREAKING THAT, HAHA. And Tisk TIsk, never say who you voted for................ well, here it is! all for you to see :)

sorry its so blurry there must have been something on my phone. go figure. So the to two young ones and I headed out to my surprise this tiny rock building that is falling apart inside. There was like 5 of us in there and if you do vote on paper everyone sits at the same table with no partitions!!!!!! you can look at your neighbors votes!!lol. Not like back home were you wait in line go into a booth close the curtain and its so hush, hush. They had one electronic machine which i volunteered to use and at the end of it all I let Matthew press the last green button that submits ALL the votes. So basically Matthew voted today, HAHA.
I actually liked the informalness of the place because it made it comfortable for my kids. They had drinks and snacks and stuff.


Anonymous said...

You voted democrat. You are going to hell according to all the republicans. LOL.

♥Lisa♥ said...

no, matthew voted, remember.

Jenn said...

I have never voted, I wish I could have.

Nicole said...

I can't tell who you voted for by the picture. But I'll assume the best of you :-)