Sunday, November 16, 2008


Not funny.

So today ben calls at 2 to tell me his department is having a bbq and the families are invited. It was at 4. So we get there at 4:05, fashionably late :) haha. Literally the second i step my foot out the car door Ben gets a call, hysterical female......., so he leaves and we head on over to were everyone is at. Give hugs to those I know, say Hi to those I don't know. But they all know me, Sgt Velasco's wife and the kids that look just like Velasco, lol. So we eat and Ben comes back and its freezing so we head over to Ashleys which we already had planned. The kids play.......... ask for everything possible to drink.......... hop in the bath with lily............ get their hair brushed........... watch Nemo........... play, jump, scream............... Bens drops by.......... we wind everything up and at 8:30 we head on out. So I call Ben to tell him we are leaving.

Me: We are leaving, I'm putting 30$ in gas in right?
Ben: yeah, 30
Ben: Where you at?
Me: ummmmm, By the ticket center
Me: hmm, Fay has someone pulled over.......... oh there's a cop car by the ticket center too. hum, they must be running radar. Do they get alot of speeders here??
(Totally and completely set myself up at that moment!)
Ben: yeah they do
Me: Good thing im going 30, i dont even know what the speed limit is. (was actually going 28)
Ben: OK, I'm gonna let you go.
Me: ok, love you
Ben: love you too
(Bam! Lights in my rear view)
Me: are you *^$#$^& kidding me i'm getting pulled over
Thomas: I really hope you found your drivers license
(I pull into a parking lot and cant see the cop car or anything because of the lights and stuff)
Me: that better be your dad.

AND SURE ENOUGH IT WAS!!!!!!!!!!!. He was the cop by the ticket center and i had just assumed he was at the dept. Fay did have someone pulled over but there was no radar set up going on, haha.

I was totally thinking why am i getting pulled over??? I wasn't speeding.

The kids were excited. So Ben goes to leave and I say dont i get a kiss. Gives me a quick kiss. The camera starts rolling when they turn the lights on. With our luck this spaz stalker (Ben and a couple of the other officers have one) will request the tapes from tonight with the Freedom of information act and put it on youtube and show what YOUR tax payers money is going toward, haha!! I'll be like his 924 or something. haha. While his wife is clueless at home raising his kids. ;)

Anyway.......... we had a great time at Ashleys house.
you couldnt see anything on M and K but they are at that age that even to much torso is enough for the sickos and Lily and ab were covered good by the water.


Tina said...

I would have been pissed at Ben.. I cant believe all the kids were in the bath.. was there water everywhere?

♥Lisa♥ said...

Matthew spilled some water, but it wasn't bad.

Jenn said...

My gilrs use to get in with their cousin katie that was the same age they would all play and laugh and get our total prunes .

Krimmyk said...

What is is with guys some times?!
Logan has never and likely wouldn't ever like to share a bathtub with others...germs and all.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

LOL Come on... it was kinda funny! LOL

Ashley said...

I miss my wittle machew.. :(