Friday, November 07, 2008

today will be fun

Im going to start of by going back to bed after this, yeah!! Then we are taking Kaitlen and Thomas to their eye dr appt. come home and make terriaki chicken. It has been along time since we've done that. Then after dinner we are heading out to get Abigail's ears pierced. She wants it bad, but hates strangers plus she been in snot of a mood lately. So im going bet she comes home with no earrings. :O so next week when shes screaming that she wants me to put earrings in her ears, im just gonna go nuts. They sell those earring guns on ebay, hmmmmmmmmmm?? could I really do it?? um, in a heartbeat when shes freaking out that she wants one in, now will she let me do it twice?? lol.
I'll update how tonight goes on my twitter.

Kaitlen is doing well, I beleive she coughed less last night and she is still in great spirits. Yesterday they begged to go on the trampoline and I let her and the kids. Probably not the best idea, but her lungs were getting a workout and that was good.


Jenn said...

Good luck! I use to love terriaki chicken oven subs from Greco ...yummy !

Tina said...

You can do it Abbie!!! Lisa don't buy and ear gun on