Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dad, you don't know sad

about a week and half ago Ben told Cody it was bedtime and when he went in to tell him goodnight Cody wouldn't talk to him. So Ben told him that if someone says something to someone and they don't answer back that it could make them sad. Then cody said, "you don't know sad, I can think of something a hundred times sadder" Ben then said a hundred times sad thats alot. Tell me something thats 100 times sadder. Cody- Never seeing Pops and Nana again, you don't know sad, Dad.
We didn't mention the anniversary of Bettys death to the kids, but I think it dawned on Cody when they went back to school from Christmas break. because the yr before we had kept him home an extra week and a half after Christmas break was over because he was so upset. So i think he realized the timeline. He'll be starting grief counsiling to help with some of this. The poor baby.

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Ashley Hester said...

This breaks my heart! Kids are so honest!