Thursday, January 25, 2007

Yep, Cody's turn

Poor cody. I think he's got it the worst. He didn't throw up, but he had these horrible burps (just think sewer smell) i'm not kidding. Then diarrhea and now a fever of 103.4 and just miserable. He has missed 3 days of school and will miss tomorrow and his basketball game on Sat. I think the virus make the littles one throw up but jus gives the older peeps diarrhea. Hopefully it's a bug Ben and I have had so much as kids that we are immune to it now. One can hope.


Ashley Hester said...

Aw everyones going to get it! Poor kids!! Families share everything, even their cooties! LOL

Hope he's better soon!

Lisa said...

cooties is what my kids share best ;oP