Friday, January 19, 2007

We made it

We made it through the night. 3 blankets, a set of sheets, a flipped mattress and she's all fine now. Just very tired. we're both tired. Abigail is worn out too, though hers is from her shots i'm thinking. Off to go finish my work for the day.
Oh, I hope it snows like heck the first thing in the morning. Cody has b-ball pics and a game and I really don't feel like it. How bad am i?!?!?! bad mommy.


Ashley Hester said...

Aww poor Kaitlen! I hope she is better now!! You're not a bad mom! I hope it snows for your sake! LOL

Make Ben take him!!

Lisa said...

Bens got to work the basketball game. so no chance on that.
*snow* *snow* *snow*