Sunday, January 21, 2007

Matthews turn

poor kiddo, but atleast his started at about 8pm instead of midnight and he was done throwing up by 11pm. He did run a fever unlike Kaitlen. He still has a fever today. He's a smart little fella. When he woke up from a late nap he took me into the kitchen and got "the bowl" and had me tuck him in bed with a bunch of pillows and he waited.......... (he was copying what i had done for kaitlen) then he eventually threw up IN THE BOWL, yea. (don't worry i don't serve food in this bowl,lol) I guess Cody will be next, we'll see.


Sheryl said...

You've got a TWO YEAR OLD trained to puke IN A BOWL??????????? Wow, you're good!

Hope everyone's much better soon and that it doesn't hit the whole family.

Ashley Hester said...

I hope everyones better too!!


Lisa said...

I wish i was that good, lol. Talk about a total fluke, but a nice fluke.
Wonder if i can get a *total fluke* with potty training?