Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Years Eve

Ben was at work and called me at 2:00pm to tell me that William had stopped breathing. I swear it was like someone hit me in the stomach. I couldnt even talk. He then said we was on his way to the hospital in an ambulance. So i pack up the kids in the car and meet Ben at the walmart parking lot to head up there. When we get to the hospital i couldnt believe how he looked. He was covered in head to toe with hives, not just normal regular hives these things looked like purple bruises in a leopard like pattern. his eyes were swollen, his feet were swollen, He looked beat up. That was the hardest thing to see my little nephew so sick.

The doctor had no idea why he was so sick, why he stopped breathing or anything. All his labs came back normal. They eventually did a spinal tap on him which came back normal. So with Ben on the phone with Lani and telling me to look up different symptoms we eventually found out what was wrong. He has a milk allergy and his body had finally said enough and went into anaphylactic shock. So now he is on soy and getting better. His little body had alot to get over. The dr. that came in on New yrs day knew exactlly what had caused it, I just wish he had been the dr on call the night before to save William from going through all the testing that he went through. Here's the little man.

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