Friday, March 17, 2006

Funny story about Kaitlen

I totally forgot about this. Wed was Codys first day of T-Ball practice and the bathrooms were on the otherside of the park. Well, one of the boys had to go and he went on the otherside of a brick wall and while we were waiting for one of the moms to show up at the end of practice Cody had to go to the bathroom too. So we sent around to the otherside of the wall. Well Kaitlen follows him and we are trying to catch up with her so Code can have some privacy. So cody is done and it's time to go and we all starts walking to the parking lot and kaitlen is still over by the wall and we go back to get her and the girl had her pants down saying she had to go pee too. she was serious and we were laughing. poor girl thinks shes a boy....... She made it untill we got home

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