Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Whats up with my animals

First thing in the AM Bessie and Kessie escape and are gone. The famer down the road sees Ben looking for them and tells him theres a dead cow in a hole ( somewhere on there property) so we are guessing the dogs went to go find this cow. THen we get that horrible storm and i think they'll never come back. Oh Noooooo at 2:00 am today(wed) the farmer comes to our house to tell us he believes our dogs are on his porch. It wouldn't have been a problem except they were barking and stuff. Turns out they got themselves lost and scared. So we went and picked them up. Our neighbors are a mile away. We get home and get them put away and i come in change clothes and clean up and my bird freaks out in her cage and rips off 2 feathers and starts bleeding. So she is on my shoulder right now. I hope the bleeding has stopped because they can bleed out rather fast. Dare i ask what next???

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Ashley Hester said...

I know how you feel..we finally found sweetpea!