Saturday, April 28, 2007


Mom called and she has started losing her hair. So Tina and I went in together and ordered mom some hats/scarves. The first one they call a beanie, we ordered 2 of those. One in pink and one in camel. This is the scarf, the exact same one on top of the photos. Here is the sleep cap we ordered too, got the cream one. Here is a little something that i though she'd like to hold on to, especially during chemo. She is real excited about the hats. I hope they don't take to long to get to her.


Sheryl said...

Oh, she's going to LOVE them! Much, much cuter (and less itchy) than a wig. She will really appreciate something to make her feel pretty right now ...

How are YOU doing??

Ashley Hester said...

Those hats are really pretty!!

I hope they get to her soon! How are you doing??


Lisa said...

Sorry it's taken me so long to respond. It seems everytime i sit down to type im needed by one of the kids.
I'm doing ok. I really hate to be away from her. SHe sounds good on the phone. I call her every day. I can't wait to see her again. We are planning on going for a the first week in July. Thats 2 months away. i just know we don't have time on our side. I don't think i can handle the fact that i probably wont be with my mom when she passes.
Her idiot husband is back home. My mom still plans on divorcing him. If she does i hope she changes her name back to either my maiden name or her maiden name. i dont think i can look at his name on her headstone.
im rambling..... so I'll go. Im doing pretty good.

Ashley Hester said...

Email Lisa if you ever need to talk and don't feel like posting!