Monday, June 23, 2008


sorry Sheryl for making you wait.
Surgery went perfect except for his camera didnt work so no pics. He had every intention on getting me awesome pics. One Gallstone was the size of a golf ball. I wish he would have saved it for me.
I have always had an outtie belly button. a perfect, cute outtie and he went ahead and fixed the hernia there too.
Vicodin is doing nothing for me. i think Motrin is working better for me. I'm wondering if i have more pain from have two procedures or this is how it normally is. It feels like im in a full blown gallbladder attack, lol.

more tomorrow....................


MamaBear said...

a GOLF BALL! Oh my word! And he didn't save the evidence?? This man obviously doesn't understand the kind of fan club you have, LOL!

Glad it's all behind you and now you can focus on recovery and vacation!

Rest up.

Kim said...

Speedy Recovery to you! Glad your surgery went well!