Saturday, June 21, 2008

Some links from Mimi

“REACH THE DAY – Conquer Childhood Cancer” Event Sunday thru Tuesday, June 22 -24, 2008“Reach the Day” seeks to impact our Members of Congress, in order to secure the critical funding to continue the research and clinical trials needed to cure childhood cancer. YOU CAN HELP!ATTEND AN EVENT Events information: WRITE A LETTER! Five minutes of your time can encourage your senators to pass historic legislation currently under consideration) for childhood cancer research funding. http://http// SIGN THIS PETITION! Think online petitions aren't effective? * This one can make an important impression on media, when deciding whether there is enough public interest for a story on Childhood Cancers. * Your signature shows the children & their families that you care. * Your email address will not be displayed to others. When a child is murdered, it’s on the news, & the community & government(s) rise up to locate & stop the killer. But, when a child dies of cancer…?? Please sign. People need to know. Research scientists have things they can develop; but the funding is not there! Media attention, governmental funding & action is needed NOW. HELP EXPOSE THE HIDDEN REALITIES OF CHILDHOOD CANCER The following video comes with cautions about not being suitable for viewing for children or at your workplace, etc. It contains images of children who’ve gone through cancer treatments, & died: Their pain, suffering, & the appearance-altering effects of treatments on them are obvious. There are photos of their caskets, memorials & gravesites. Some people may find this disturbing or even traumatic to view (& should use their discretion). Yet, hundreds & thousands of children, parents, siblings & others see this and SO much more - right before their very eyes - in their real lives, each & every day... & THEY cannot choose to simply not hit "play". The video is entitled, “Cancer's hell – ‘Angels’."It was put together by Mimi, the mother of 4 year old Julian. "King JuJu's" greatest wish was to celebrate his 5th birthday. He didn’t make it. None of the other beautiful, wonderful, amazing, heroic children in this video did, either. CLICK HERE for "Cancer's hell - 'Angels'" Video Still, these photos only represent the tip of the iceberg of the trauma & disturbing effects of the current cancer treatments inflicted upon so many children themselves (not to mention the parents, siblings, & others), without other viable life-saving options… And, these represent only a few of their many deaths: THREE THOUSAND EACH YEAR! Since the majority of these things take place beyond the eyes of the public, most of us are able to go about our lives blissfully unaware. Pass on or repost the above… &/or Mimi’s other two “Cancer’s hell (Still fighting)” videos: “Part 2”: “Part 3”: Or, make, post & pass on one of your own… or the many others available on YouTube or other sites. FORWARD (&/or POST) THIS-ALL! PLEASE COPY AND EMAIL THIS TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW....ONLY TAKES A MINUTE...


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