Saturday, June 14, 2008

after 12 years....

i get a cavity, bahhh. I went for my cleaning this morning and the records showed it had been 2 yrs since i had been in. :O how did that happen???? My kids go every 6 months. How did i go so long without scheduling me?? So she did x-rays cleaned my teeth. My teeth looked good. My dentist came in and looked around and found a tiny little spot and confirmed it on the x-ray. You could barely see it on the x-ray, barely. He had a cancellation so i headed over to his side of the office. He actually showed me the cavity once he started drilling. (ewwwww) and then showed me again when he was done drilling (ugh, ewwwwww) even though it was a little spot on the tooth it looked like it went deep. Grossed me out. My last cavity was 12 years ago and it was a tiny one and before that i was 13. So i have no idea how i got a cavity. i don't plan on getting any more!!!!!!! sorry, no pics because i certainly didn't expect to have a cavity

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